Can I still sign up for this event?

Yes, absolutely! You can sign up even after the event has started. Because this is a virtual event, it will take place from June 1 – 7 and people can continue to sign up until the event is over on June 7.

Where do I run or walk to participate?

Check these out! We’ve shared some of our favorite courses and trails in the Franklin County area in our Course and Trail Guide. It will be shared on our social media pages, so make sure to take a look and find somewhere new to explore!

There is also a photo scavenger hunt at each location. If you share your photos with #RAP5k you will be entered for door prizes! Make sure the post is public so we can see it to enter you in for the daily drawings of door prizes.

How do I tell my sponsors to give in support of me?

After you sign up for the event, you will have your very own RAP5k Page t0 share  on social media and with family and friends who might support you as you participate in the Race Against Poverty. Have fun raising funds for the cause, and receive cool rewards as you reach certain levels! You can also track your progress on your RAP5k Page or Team Page.

Or use the Printable Sponsor Form in the Resources section at the bottom of The Race page on our website to find your sponsors who may prefer to give cash or check!

Even if each of us just find 5 people to give $20 each in support of us doing the Race Against Poverty, that would be $100 additional per participant and several tens of thousands of dollars extra collectively. Wow!

What is the Athlete's Dream Auction & Merch Store?

Don’t miss the Athlete’s Dream Auction and Merch Store! There is something for everyone, from casual walkers to marathon runners! Find items such as: running accessories, a medal & race bib display, a Salt Cave experience for 2, a Ninja foodi blender, a North Square Farmer’s Market gift card and more!

There is also Race Against Poverty merchandise available for purchase. Now you can support the cause while sporting some new gear! The Merch Store will also be open from June 1-7.

How do I get my RAP5k packet and t-shirt?

We have the following dates scheduled to be able to pick up your packet and t-shirt:

  • May 29  8am-12pm @ North Square Farmers Market
  • June 1  11am-1pm 5-7pm @ SCCAP
  • June 5  8am-12pm @ North Square Farmers Market


SCCAP: 533 South Main Street, Chambersburg

North Square Farmers Market: Chambers Fort Park, Chambersburg

After these dates are over, you will need to make an appointment to be able to pick up your packet and t-shirt.

How do I find the offical Race Against Poverty playlist?

There’s nothing like having a good music mix to get you going! Find the official Race Against Poverty tunes on Spotify for you to listen to. With a good mix of oldies and pop favorites, it will be your new favorite! Click here to open in Spotify or search “Race Against Poverty #RAP5k” to find it in the app.

What is a Virtual Race like?

A Virtual Race is a race you can run, or walk, at any location, at your pace, outside or on a treadmill, alone or with a group of friends. This year the RAP5k will take place from June 1 – 7. Run or walk whatever distance is best for you, run or walk it your way, your day!

Sign up to support this important cause, find your sponsors to make a greater impact by encouraging friends and family to support you as you run or walk, and then on a day, place, and time of your choosing you can run or walk as far as you wish!

Many people are planning to get together in smaller groups to have fun as they safely participate in the Race Against Poverty. Make plans with friends or a group, or join/form a Team–have fun with it and still help make an impact even though this looks different this year!

Timing is not required to participate.

Be sure to take a photo with the Finish Line tape in your registration packet once you’ve done your run/walk, and post on social media using #RAP5k to get entered in the daily drawings to win a door prize! Be sure to make your post ‘public’ so we can see it.

Can I still get the RAP5k t-shirt for this year?

YES! And thank goodness, we LOVE the shirts this year–seriously, we are thinking this might be our all-time favorite.

Registration by May 10 was required to guarantee you will receive a shirt. We continue to assign shirts as people sign up in hopes that everyone can get one, but once they’re gone, they’re gone! At this time we still have shirts available in all sizes except for size 3x.

We ordered extra shirts hoping all participants can receive one, but we may eventually run out as people sign up. We assign the shirts as people register until they run out–so sign up today!

Do you have a Printable Form for finding my sponsors?

Yes. There is a Printable Sponsor Form in the Resources section at the bottom of The Race page on our website. Use this to find your sponsors who may prefer to give cash or check in support of you doing the Race Against Poverty!

You can also share your very own RAP5k Page on social media and with family and friends who might support you and want the convenience of giving online.

Do I need to use a timing app to show I completed the 5k?

If you want to keep track of your time for your own fun, you are welcome to do so. However it is not required to participate. You can run or walk as far and as fast as wish!

We are encouraging participants to have some fun with the virtual aspect of the event, and take a photo with the finishing tape in your race packet once you’ve completed–and share it with us on social media!

Can I get a RAP5k yard sign to show my support?

You can put out a yard sign to help promote this unique event. This is a great way to raise awareness for critical community work with families who are working hard to build long term stability.

Limited supply, first come first served.

Request a sign by emailing us at [email protected]

Can I get a refund?

We have a no refund policy. In the event that you cannot participate, still be sure to still get your RAP5k t-shirt!

If something comes up and you can’t make it to any of the scheduled T-shirt Pick Ups, please contact us so we can get you your t-shirt.