More Than a Race

The Race Against Poverty is an opportunity to take steps as a community against the poverty that grips many of our own and stifles our full potential. Poverty impacts the entire community and requires community solutions.

Together we can build a stronger future for all!


1 in every 4 families of Franklin County cannot afford basic living expenses


who have gone through the Circles process increase financial stability and decrease reliance on assistance

12 People

have purchased a home in the past 5 years as a part of their goals for long term stability.

Stories of Change


SCCAP empowers families and engages the community as we pursue innovative and effective solutions to break the cycle of poverty. Support Circles is one of the ways SCCAP works with individuals and families to stabilize, create a future story, and achieve their goals and thrive.

As we do this, we see families improve their health and wellbeing and join efforts to build a stronger community.

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Support Circles

Support Circles builds relationships that inspire and equip our community to overcome poverty. We initiate purposeful new friendships and partner with families to develop their own future stories, working to support them in meeting their goals.

Through this community initiative, we see people move into long-term stability as their dreams become a reality, identify common obstacles, and learn how to create a more vibrant community! In the Support Circles initiative, there are many opportunities for individual and community involvement to support this critical work.

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Donate to SCCAP

SCCAP provides numerous programs, partnerships, and initiatives in Franklin and Adams Counties to those in our community who need them most.  From food pantries, fresh produce, shelter, support Circles, rental assistance, the Women – Infant – Children’s Program (WIC), Franklin Reentry, At Home in Adams County, and so much more.  Your donation to SCCAP is tax-deductible and 92 cents out of every dollar is used for the critical work that positively impacts our friends, neighbors, and community.  Won’t you consider a gift today?

Sponsor a Participant

Help someone who has signed up to run or walk in the Race Against Poverty as they raise funds for the cause. Give to our critical work in their name, helping them make a greater impact as they participate in this event!